From the Editor

Welcome to the Inner Temple Yearbook 2023–2024.

I feel grateful and daunted in equal measure to take up the mantle from Emma Hynes as Editor of the Yearbook. After accepting the kind offer, I was told that it is customary to occupy the role for three years (although Emma managed four), so do forgive me any amateur slip-ups while I settle in.

This edition marks the end of a particularly busy year for the Inn, as all systems are go once again following the pandemic and completion of Project Pegasus. Members have returned to the Inn en masse to enjoy lunches and dinners in Hall, events and training in the new education facilities, and refreshments at the Pegasus Bar. Inner Temple has also welcomed a new LGBTQ+ Society, questioned the status quo in its popular ‘Social Context of the Law’ lecture series, and continues to attract new talent to the Bar through its extensive outreach work.

In reviewing this edition, I am reminded that our Inn is not only a tranquil and picturesque oasis in the heart of a bustling city, but also a professional home which remains a constant source of support and community for all its members. It is easy to forget the large network of skilled staff and volunteers who work hard to keep the Inn running, and it is to them that I wish to dedicate this issue.

My thanks also to all who have contributed to the 2023–24 Yearbook, particularly to Master Minka Braun, Henrietta Amodio, Nadia Ruiz and the wider editorial team.

I am excited to be able to contribute in a small way to this archive of the Inn’s activities and truly hope that you enjoy the read. Until next year.


Lily Walker-Parr

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