Circuit Education Days

Our Circuit Education Days give students an opportunity to gain three Qualifying Sessions in one day at a city centre close to their Bar Course Provider. This year the Education Days were composed of an Advocacy Talk (“Ten Ways to annoy a Judge” written by Master Timothy Petts), one-to-one CV and interview sessions with the students, and an Equality Diversity and Inclusion discussion.
Many of our sessions were hosted by local chambers for the first time this year also. This gave our Bar Course students a wonderful opportunity to visit a chambers and meet with practitioners in a professional but still informal setting.


Held at the Birmingham Malmaison Conference Facilities.

With thanks to HHJ Louise McCabe for delivering our Advocacy Talk, Baldip Singh Aulak for leading the EDI discussion, and to Terri Mason, Eliza Sharron, Dan Tresigne and Ali Tabari for also supporting the CV reviews and mock interview sessions.


Hosted by Ashley Lord and Reagan Persaud at Spire Chambers.

With thanks to Ashley Lord and Reagan Persaud for leading our day, delivering the Advocacy and EDI talks, and to Sam Roxborough for providing additional assistance with the one-to-one sessions with the students.


Hosted by Master Samantha Hillas at St John’s Buildings.

With thanks to Master Hillas for delivering the Advocacy talk, Nardeen Nemat for talking to the students about Equality and Diversity at the Bar, and to Peta Harrison and DJ Natalie Cuddy for assisting with the students’ CV and interview sessions.


Hosted by Master Rhys Taylor at 30 Park Place.

With thanks to Master Timothy Petts the author and (on this occasion) speaker for our Advocacy talk, Sara Rudman for leading the student discussion on EDI at the Bar, and to Master Rhys Taylor and Jonathan Rees KC for also assisting with the one-to-one mock interview sessions.


We look forward to visiting Nottingham, Newcastle, Manchester and Bristol next year to run our Education Day programme in 2024. If you are interested in being involved, please contact Kerry Upham at

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